Wedding day coordination

Guarantee the perfect course of yourdream day

Have you decided to organize your wedding reception on your own? We are sure you’ve dedicated several months of your time to make everything perfect, and now you can vividly imagine all of the wonderful decorations in the hall and venue, the dance floor full of guests and the delicious food you’ve selected…

Certainly the entire project required a lot of energy and devotion on your side; you must have searched for the best service providers, exchanged hundreds of emails, and balanced expectations with reality.

For your wedding and reception to go smoothly, you need a decent plan of action, telling each subcontractor when, where, and what will happen, so they know their exact role in the event.

Is there someone you trust to help with the implementation of your plan when you will be happily, surrounded by family and friends, posing for photos and having fun until dawn? Who will coordinate all the details so that subcontractors do their work without a hitch, and different teams don’t interfere with one another?

Would you like to fully enjoy your important day and create wonderful memories to cherish forever? Do you wish to immerse yourself in the wedding celebration, and avoid the additional stress of coordinating the subcontractors yourself?

The wedding coordination service by Events Engineer is dedicated to the engaged couples just like you, who thoroughly plan their important celebration, and want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Don’t miss the most important moments of your wedding, don’t worry yourself about solving catering problems, looking for lost decorations or a delayed photographer. Give yourself the freedom to spend this day with your loved ones, exactly as you planned.

The wedding coordinator will make sure that all your arrangements are realized, and that everyone correctly fulfills their obligations. The coordinator will communicate with all the contracted service providers about the expected schedule and the possible changes, as the circumstances require. Most importantly, the coordinator will always be attentive to all the details, and stay in touch with your guests to quickly solvematters that require attention. Additionally Events Engineer can manage all the payments for the subcontractors on your behalf, either during or after the ceremony.

We will help you make your plans come true!


Below we present an example of how the coordination services may look like, but remember that it all depends on your needs! Our offers are tailored to the bride and groom.

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