Personalized wedding consultations

Get answers to bothering questions and dispel your doubts

Do you not know where to start, or maybe you just can’t get out of a dead end?

Do you have trouble finding subcontractors or deciding between the offered selection?

Are you not sure how to solve a problem or choose a better and more advantageous option?

Do you want to double check your own planning to make sure nothing is missing, and there are no details escaping your notice?


No matter at what point in planning you are at, and what doubts you’re facing you can always contact us,and we will answer your questions.

At Events Engineer, you can count on professional consultations during which we will show you personalized options fitted to your needs and budget.

You can ask us about any issues related to the planning and organization of your event, and we will suggest possible solutions. You can count on our experience and good advice, we want you to fully enjoy your celebration and its organization.


We are here to support you!


With us the organization of your event is easier, and every problem can be solved.

Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed with all the planning, contact us now and arrange your personalized consultation. Allow yourself the luxury of easy problem-solving, and a fresh look at your ideas and expectations.

Remember that there are no stupid questions, and you don’t need to be hesitant about asking for recommendations! Feel free to write to us, and we will help to the best of our ability.

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