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Hi! My name is Aleksandra Trebacz

Here I should describe my experience in the field of event management and organization. I could tell you about all the classes and courses they I have completed, but I’d rather tell you how I’m different from others, and why Events Engineer is so special.

Born in the north of Poland, I’m currently living in Toulouse France, where I founded Events Engineer. By profession I am an engineer specialized in project management. I studied both in Szczecin Poland and Valencia Spain where I learned to appreciate meeting new people, take in new customs, and look at the world with an open mind. Later on I’ve lived and worked in Bilbao in the Basque Country. My job taught me how to effectively manage time and resources, how to apply myself to solving the most difficult of issues, and to never settle for less than the best.

Sounds cliché, but I’ve always liked to organize events, and I took the initiative when others didn’t have the courage to take on the many responsibilities resulting from dedicated planning.

After I’ve graduated from my project management studies, I gained a different perspective on how to arrange various celebrations. I realized that everything I’ve learned so far could be applied to event management. Now I have more engineering, technical and detailed approach. I want to hold the organization of events to ahigher standard of quality, with help of the professional techniques used for managing large investment projects.

Having a Spanish-speaking person for a partner, I realized the problems that foreign couples face when organizing a wedding: a clash of two families, two different cultures, traditions, languages, styles and the additional issues caused by two different passports. It is important for me to support you as my client in your wedding organization, and to show you how to easily resolve the seemingly impossible troubles. I want you not to worry, but rather to fully enjoy the planning of your wedding. I wish to show all the couples, that organizing their wedding is an amazing adventure, and it doesn’t have to equate with giving up hobbies and free time. 

It could be said that event planners are a dime a dozen, but I would like to believe that my technical approach to the organization of your wedding, could not be matched.


What makes me different?

International and multicultural expertise I have gained by living in and visiting various foreign countries, and most importantly by learning and fluently speaking four different languages. I find ways to incorporate engineering project management methods in planning events. All in order to organize and manage your extraordinary event with a real engineering precision, so you can fully enjoy every moment of your dream coming true.

I believe the memories of the most important festivities and celebrations of our lives are as precious as gold. Let me help you with your next project! I am already so excited to work with you on your future events, I’m sure they will be made memorable with your joy and happiness.

Don’t hesitate to make your dreams come true and I will strive to exceed even your boldest expectations.

In private life I’m a bunny and parrot mum. I enjoy traveling and I’m a sport lover. Normally I start my day with a good training which gives me energy for the rest of the day. I am an extroverted person, I can’t sit still for long and I always have a lot of new ideas, so I’m constantly active. I’m a technical mind who thinks in terms of numbers, logic and statistics, but at the same time I have a soul of an architect and artist. I don’t comply with overused and standard solutions, I like to explore the unconventional and utilize exceptions to the fixed rules. I’m enthusiastic about personal and professional growth, I still take part in different courses and trainings that let me improve my knowledge, acquire new skills, and improve as a person. I can’t waitfor future challenges that come with professional event organization! I am here to help shape your memories and make your dreams come true!

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